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Psychotherapy/Counseling/Consultation is a collabrative process done with a psychotherapist, a counselor, or a consultant.


People use therapy/counseling/consultation sessions for many different reasons. When you have a transition in your life such as marriage, separation, divorce, getting a new job, retirement, entering into a school, graduation, moving, loss and grief, new disease diagnosis, realization of your sexual orientation, being in a new role, having a baby, and so on, you may experience different things. This could include too much thinking or not being able to think at all. Some people may experience attacks from anxiety and depression. Your concerns can't be talked over with your colleagues, best friends, family members, or partner. Although you talk about your issues with the important people in your life, you may feel that you still do not have any resolutions or are not able to move forward. In these cases, a lot of people use a therapist/ counselor. The idea that only "crazy"people go to therapy or counseling has become old. Many people have started to use therapy/counsltation sessions to explore themselves and their options in their lives.


Information that is shared in the session is considerd confidential.